Laxay Isle of Lewis

Laxay is a small crofting village to the south-east of the Isle of Lewis.  Known as Lochs the parish covers a huge area and as the name implies is speckled with lochs of all sizes.  Lochs is divided into three areas, North, South and Kinloch, Laxay is in Kinloch.

Lochs is also noted as having some of the prettiest villages on the island and the scenery is stunning.  Pure white Water Lilies cover lots of the smaller lochs during July to August, and the islands are famous for their wildflowers.

Summer and winter migratory birds flock to the islands, wildlife is in abundance including, Red Deer, Otters, Golden and Sea Eagles,  it’s little wonder photographers think they’ve arrived in a part of paradise.

If you are interested in taking a walk on the Wildside to spot Sea Eagles then visit Ravenspoint Visitor Centre just a few miles from Meadowcroft Cottage and enjoy the Bird of Prey Trail.  Ravenspoint also hosts a cafe, shop, and museum.  If you rather do your wildlife spotting in comfort you can look out for the Eagles whilst in the cafe.

You can see Humpback, Minke and Pilot Whales, a variety of Dolphins, Basking Sharks and even Sunfish in the waters around Lewis. Although not guaranteed you could get up close and personal with a boat charter from Fish n Trips, based in Keose, Lochs.  For more information on Sea Safari’s and activities for all check out our Hebridean Adventures page.

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